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Everyone is entitled to a complete, happy life. If not content with your current circumstances, move, you are not a tree. Dissulto means to burst asunder, bounce, rise and fly. It’s time to LIVE your life!

Most people are so caught up in the complexities of existing, there is no time to reach their full potential. Constrained by financial and/or mental boundaries, the dreams are vivid, but there is no staircase to get there.

This initiative is the staircase you seek. A step-by-step guide to greatness, and the wings you need to soar. With self-confidence and determination, courage and conviction, you can carve out your destiny. Do not hesitate.

Today is the first day, of the rest of your life. Start planting seeds by the minute. Every hour of ploughing now, will give rise to a magnificent crop. Reap rewards and don’t look back. Be the butterfly in your own garden.

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